"Insurance Preserves the Value of Time" - Wood, Foamcore, Resin, Plasticine Clay, 2 Channel Video Projection with Sound - 33 minutes, Looped - 6ft X 4ft X 4ft - 2018

An Aetna Insurance Promotional Video and an Amgen Pharmaceutical Advertisement are each projected over one side the surface of the tiled table- sculpture. Resin-coated shapes were cut to outline how specific visual elements from the projected advertisements coincide with pre-determined pauses placed during the advertisements' playback. When an advertisement pauses, 90's techno music plays and a digital clock with the current time of day is displayed. This work mimics the experience of listening to ad-interrupted music on platforms such as YouTube, and superimposes examples of actual time, dance music associated with leisure-time, and narratives of healthy, meaningful lives well spent as described by insurance and pharmaceutical companies. This work appeared at a solo exhibition entitled "Actuarial Time" at Genesis Gallery in Milwaukee WI, 2018.