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Daniel Luedtke is an interdisciplinary artist and musician living in Tallahassee FL. He received an MFA in Printmedia at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a Bachelors of Music Performance from Augsburg University in Minnesota. He is an Assistant Professor of Art at Florida State University. Luedtke’s interdisciplinary work illustrates ways that health, mortality and bodily pleasure are quantified, categorized and assigned value. These ideas are often illustrated by emphasizing the physicality of printed images in installations and other flat-but-dimensional objects. He has been exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries and museums such as the Walker Art Center, Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Tom of Finland Foundation, Museum of Art and Design in New York, the Schwules Museum in Berlin. His work has been published in printmaking anthologies by Princeton Architectural Press and Chronicle Books.








2013 – MFA, Printmedia, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
2002 – Bachelors of Music Performance, Augsburg University, Minneapolis, MN




Critical Fierceness Grant Recipient – Chances Dances

Leonore Annenberg Scholarship for the Arts Nominee – School of the Art Institute of Chicago




2022       Wedding Cake House Residency, Providence, RI

2021        Stove Works Residency, Chattanooga, TN

2021        In Cahoots, Printmaking Residency, Petaluma, CA

2017        Ox-Bow School of Art, Fall Residency, Saugatuck, MI   

2013        ACRE Residency, Steuben, WI     

2010       AS220 Artist in Residence, Providence, RI          

2009       Jerome Foundation: Highpoint Center for Printmaking, Minneapolis, MN       




 2024  Interoception – ARPRIM (Centre d’essai en art imprime), Montreal, QC (solo)

2023   Surface Tension – Alabama Contemporary Art Center, Mobile, AL (solo)

            Frequency Vol. 5 – Daniel Luedtke & Marcus Ruthering Mirror Lab Gallery, Minneapolis, MN            

2022  Kidney-Shaped Ear – Parlor and Ramp, Chicago, IL (solo)

2020  RESULTS – Hair and Nails Gallery, Minneapolis, MN (solo)

2018   Actuarial Time – Genesis Gallery, Milwaukee, WI (solo)

2017   Veins Without Surgery – Low Key Arts, Hot Springs, AR (solo)

2016   BINDER – Roman Susan, Chicago, IL (solo)

            FOMENT – Indiana University Northwest Contemporary Art Gallery – Gary, IN (solo)

2015   Walls Are Loosening. True, But Gates are Blocked – Comfort Station, Chicago, IL (solo)

          Spine, Crack, Transfigure – Daniel Luedtke and Ben Seamons – Roots and Culture, Chicago, IL

2014   Mutual Ruins – Daniel Luedtke and Sarah Mosk – Heaven Gallery, Chicago, IL
Adaptation Arrangement Microsoft Word Document – Spudnik Press, Chicago, IL (solo)

2013   Second Primary: Macon Reed and Daniel Luedtke – 3433 Gallery, Chicago, IL

2012   Mass Portrait: New Work by Daniel Luedtke and Anna Tsantir – X Y and Z Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

2010   Fragmented Bodies – Tom of Finland Foundation, Los Angeles, CA (solo)
Expositie van DNML – NP3 Gallery, Groningen, Netherlands (solo)
Look into the Light – No Coast, Chicago, IL




2023   Print+: Sameness and Otherness in Contemporary Printmaking – California Lutheran University Gallery, Thousand Oaks, CA

            Print+: Sameness and Otherness in Contemporary Printmaking – Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL

2022   Stand Out Prints 2022 – Highpoint Center for Printmaking, Minneapolis, MN

            Queer Printmaking and Futurity – Backspace Gallery, Madison, WI

            Together is Better – Stove Works, Chattanooga, TN

            Layers of Ink  – St. Louis Arts Guild, St. Louis, MO

            Mid America Printmaking Council Conference Exhibition Kent University, Kent,OH

            2022 Screenprint Biennial – Opalka Gallery at Sage College, Albany, NY

            Printmakers’ Marks– Atlantic Highlands Arts Council, Atlantic Highlands, NJ

            Finding and Feeling: Encounters in the Archive– Reinberger Gallery, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH

2021    Successful Failures: Thirty Years of Lumpens, Radical Media and Building Communities of the Future – Chicago Cultural Center – Chicago, IL

            Brood X – Stove Works – Chattanooga, TN

            Tongue in Cheek – Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, Chicago, IL

            Celestial-Terrestrial – Southern Graphics International Conference – San Juan, PR

            Stove Works Year One – Stove Works Gallery – Chattanooga TN

            What It Takes – Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts – Tallahassee, FL

            Print+: Sameness and Otherness in Contemporary Printmedia – Hunterdon Art Museum, NJ

2020   Celestial-Terrestrial – Exhibition – Southern Graphics International Conference – San Juan, PR

            Study Habits – University of St. Francis, Joliet, IL

2019    Ruffles, Repair and Ritual: The Fine Art of Fixing – Wedding Cake House Project, Providence, RI                 

            ArtCharity – Schwulles Museum, Berlin, DE

            Siblings Inaugural Exhibition – Siblings Gallery, Chicago IL

2018    Tyrants – Final Resting Place Gallery, Chicago, IL

            ROY G BIV – Aurora Public Art Commission Gallery, Aurora, IL

            Extension: Artists’ Books, Prints and Zines – Dixon Museum, Memphis, TN

            Gødbottom – Inferno Gallery, New York, NY

            Continental Breakfast – The Condo Association, Chicago, IL

            You Slayer Me – Rainbo Club, Chicago, IL

            The Flat Object – University Art Gallery, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN

            Continental Breakfast ­– The Condo Association – Chicago, IL


2017    Gødbottom – The Condo Association, Chicago, IL

            Corporate Lunch – The Condo Association, Chicago, IL

            Making Room – Katherine E. Nash Gallery, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis MN


2016    Cosmos Pornography and the Flickering Fiction of Place Art Helix, Brooklyn, NY

            Contempo Casuals – Logan Square Gallery, Chicago, IL

            Date-Date-Date-Date – Fountainhead, Chicago, IL

            Shadow Box Rainbo, Chicago, IL

            Hinged Space – Terrain Exhibitions, Chicago, IL


2015    Edit Road Movie (with Katie Hargrave and Nick Lally) – Transient Gallery, Des Moines, IA

            In a Plain Brown Wrapper Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry, Chicago, IL

            Platforms Gallery 400, Chicago, IL

            The Print Shop – Museum of Art and Design, New York, NY

            Boundaries Collapse – Lula, Chicago, IL


2014    Body Doubles– Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL

            Light/Bright/Acidic (with Rusty Shackelford and William J. O’Brien) – Nightwood Exhibitions, Chicago, IL

            Edit Road Movie (with Katie Hargrave and Nick Lally) – ACRE Projects, Chicago, IL

            Future Sad Grace Space, New York, NY

            Starwalker – Mana Contemporary, Chicago, IL


2013    Tracing Affinities – Sullivan Galleries, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL
 A Long Line – Peregrine Program, Chicago, IL
 Slippery Slope – Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL
 Permanent Summer – Citizen Arts, Washington, D.C.
 MFA Thesis Exhibition – Sullivan Galleries, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL


2012    Lifestyle Plus Form Bundle – Beige Space, Memphis, TN
The Reading Nook – Narwhal Projects, Toronto, ON

            NADA – ACRE Projects: Nada Art Fair, Miami, FL
Material Assumptions: Paper as Dialog – Glass Curtain Gallery, Columbia College, Chicago, IL
I’m Here to Make Friends (with Aay Preston-Myint) – Happy Collaborationists, Chicago, IL
Pulled: Exhibition – Public Works Gallery, Chicago, IL
Remix / Multiple – Carousel Project Space, Minneapolis, MN


2011    Lifestyle Plus Form Bundle – Madame of the Arts, Minneapolis, MN

            Pulled: Exhibition – Yes Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

            Pulled: Exhibition – Space Gallery, Portland, ME

            Pulled: Exhibition – This Los Angeles Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

            Pulled: Exhibition – 3rd Ward, Brooklyn, NY

            No Hard Feelings – Tarnish & Gold Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

            Back2Back2Back – Carousel Project Space, Chicago, IL

            Multiple Mix – Devening Projects + Editions, Chicago, IL

            Into the Neon Chachama Chelsea Project Space, New York, NY

            Unpunished Sue Scott Gallery, New York, NY (Curator, Nayland Blake)


2010    No World: Screen Prints from a Midwest Wasteland – Minnesota Center for Book Arts,

               Minneapolis, MN

             Flocked – Casket Arts Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

             Printervention: Printing for the Public – Chicago Tourism Center Gallery, Chicago, IL


2009   Big West – Casket Arts Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

            All Aboard Future – Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, NY

            Jerome Residency Exhibition 2008-09 – Highpoint Center for Printmaking, Minneapolis, MN

            Radar Eyes: A Survey of Hallucinogenic Printmaking – Fardom Gallery, New York, NY

            Artist in Residence – AS220 – Providence, RI

            Toys in the Attic – Soo Visual Art Center, Minneapolis, MN


2008   Radar Eyes: A Survey of Hallucinogenic Printmaking – Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago, IL

            Simultaneous Festival – Soap Factory, Minneapolis, MN




2016    Savory Selections 1-800-BAD-DRUG Gallery, New York, NY      

2013    Yes, I’m a Witch: Sex-Magic////Crystal-Video – Archive Kabinett, Berlin, DE
 Pleasure Rebel – Bryant Lake Bowl Theater, Minneapolis, MN
 With A Voice Like the Lake – Nightingale Theater, Chicago, IL – As part of the Society for Contemporary Media Studies annual conference

            24 Hours / 25 Days – New Capital, Chicago, IL

2012    ROOOOOOOM  Madame of the Arts, Minneapolis, MN
 Pigeons, Plants and the Clutter of Ghosts – The Nightingale Theater, Chicago, IL




2016   Binder Closing Reception Performance, Roman Susan, Chicago, IL

2010   Night Parade – In conjunction with Red76 and the Walker Art Center




2024   “Non-Toxic Hydrographic Ceramics Workshop” – L’imprimerie Printmaking Center, Montreal, QC 

2023   “Hydrographic Ceramics Workshop” – School of the Art Institute of Chicago Ceramics Department, Chicago, IL

2017   “Gender and Institutional Critique” Workshop – Gender and Culture in American Society – Notre Dame University – Summer Scholars Pre-College Program 

2015   “CMYK Screen Printing Workshop” – ACRE Residency, Steuben WI 

2013   “Slippery Slope Closing” – Lecture, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL

2009  “A Subjective History of Screen Printing” – Lecture, AS220, Providence, RI 

          “Screen Print Monoprinting”  – Workshop, AS220, Providence, RI 




2018   Masturbating to the Sound of Music – The Condo Association, Chicago, IL

2017   Raw Night – The Condo Association, Chicago, IL

2014   I Understand and I Wish to Continue Flat Space, Chicago

2011   No World – Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Minneapolis, MN

            Radiance – Madame of the Arts, Minneapolis, MN


COLLECTIONS (selected)


Rhode Island School of Design Museum, Providence, RI

Joan Flasch Artist Book Collection, School of the Art Institute, Chicago, IL

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN
Tom of Finland Foundation, Los Angeles, CA





Luedtke, Daniel – Random Man Editions, Obituary Star 2018

Luedtke, Daniel – 1-800-BAD-DRUG distribution, Savory Selections Vol. 12016

Luedtke, Daniel – No Coast Editions – Sensory Integration Therapy – Season 1 Vol #2 – 2013

Luedtke, Daniel – The Rectum is a Wormhole – Landline Newspaper – Issue #2 – 2012
Luedtke, Daniel – Radiance (Catalog Essay)– Madame of the Arts –


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Thompson, Courtney R. “Material Assumptions: Paper as Dialogue” (review), Art in Print,September/October, 2012




WAGE (Experimental Pop Group, Founding Member with Anastasia Raba-Michelson)


                 Life as Surplus, Fine Prints, 2018

                 Sex and Risk, Lillerne Tapes, 2015


Gay Beast (Experimental Rock Group, Founding Member with Angela Gerend and Isaac Rotto)

               DISCOGRAPHY (selected)

              To Smithereens, Skingraft Records, 2011
Charm, Skingraft Records, 2010
Second Wave, Skingraft Records, 2009
Multi-Purpose Anti-Form, Gilgongo Records, 2009
Disrobics, DNT Records, 2007


To Smithereens Tour, Europe, 18 dates, 2011 To Smithereens Tour, USA, 16 dates, 2010

  Second Wave Tour, Europe, 16 dates, 2010 Second Wave Tour, USA, 18 dates, 2009
Multi-Purpose Tour, USA, Canada, 14 dates, 2009
Disrobics Tour, USA, Canada, 33 dates, 200