Music video for the song “Mark That it Made” from the RIND ep “Understudy”

Directed, Shot, Edited by Daniel Luedtke 2014

Rind is the music project of Lee Relvas




“Threshold” is a 2 channel experimental narrative that fold together narratives within 2 domestic settings. A psychic, a bachelor and an adolescent exchange desired objects that literally move through the 2 frames of view. The lives of objects connect and transpose these characters’ worlds, each with a disparate style, logic, and mode of address.

Written, Directed, Edited – Daniel Luedtke
Featuring – David Diarrhea, Jail Flanagan

THRESHOLD from Daniel Luedtke on Vimeo.



Daniel Luedtke is a self-taught printmaker / artist / musician from Minneapolis MN. His brightly colored, graphicly bold prints utelize geometric abstraction paired with ubsurdist figurative elements that are often inspired by feminist politics, folk art, and kitsch. He got his start printing posters for his band Gay Beast back in 2006 and has since gotten many poster, packaging, and merchandise commissions. After completing a few printmaking residencies in 2008 and 2009 his focus has tended more toward fine-art printmaking, creating larger prints and installations for shows both in the u.s. and abroad.