Experimental Pop Duo with Ana Raba


Wage’s debut EP is a four track chunk of thoughtfully crafted, but sufficiently/lovingly damaged, weirdo pop. Daniel Luedtke (ex-Gay Beast) and Ana Raba (ex-Goatflower) create everything using only a couple of synths, a drum set, and a headset microphone—giving the songs an efficiently powerful style. These songs are approachable earworms, but their jagged synth melodies, smart lyrics and dynamic rhythms give them a depth that I truly love. Edition of 50 home-dubbed chrome/Type II cassettes. Screen printed j-cards by Daniel Luedtke.

released August 26, 2018 - WAGE is Ana Raba & Daniel Luedtke All Songs and Lyrics by WAGE EXCEPT "The Secret" written by A. Moore and P. Blegvard Recorded by Robbie Hamilton at Skye Sound, Chicago IL Mixed by Z. Asrar and R. Haynes at Strange Magic Recording, Chicago IL Produced by Fine Prints and WAGE