2 piece experimental pop group.  Ana Raba – vocals, drums, electronics and Dan Luedtke – vocals, keyboards, electronics.

“SEX AND RISK” – Cassette EP, Lillerne Tapes, 2015  3 color Screen Printed J-Card, Design and Print – Daniel Luedtke


Gay Beast (Experimental Rock Group, Founding Member with Angela Gerend and Isaac Rotto).  2005-2011

Discography (selected)

To Smithereens, Skingraft Records, 2011
Charm, Skingraft Records, 2010
Second Wave, Skingraft Records, 2009
Multi-Purpose Anti-Form, Gilgongo Records, 2009
Disrobics, DNT Records, 2007

Gay Beast – We Keep Our Victims Ready – Video by Tyler Bosch

Gay Beast – Smithereens – Video by Dan Anderson and Bobby Missile