Originally displayed at the exhibition “Corporate Lunch” at The Condo Association Gallery in Chicago, IL

on Friday April 22nd, 2017

Exhibition Text

“Awarded by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and allocated by the Chicago Department of Housing and Economic Development (HED), Chicago’s Low Income Housing Tax Credits are used by housing developers to raise private equity for specific development projects. Corporate real estate developers looking for tax breaks ‘in kind’ allot one or two units in a new building, at times even in luxury condo towers, to low-income residents at a reduced rent, creating islands of privation in a sea of affluence.

Condo 206 is one of these said units and will be hosting a one-night exhibition, The Condo Association presents Corporate Lunch. Corporate Lunch mischievously serves up discrepancies of wealth by way of rich drag and celebratory degeneracies to the comfort and displeasure of you and our neighbors. Artists include Candor Arts Publishing, Whit Forrester, Abel Guzman, Stevie Hanley, Joshua Spelman-Hall, Arnold Kemp, Annie Kielman, Daniel Luedtke, Steve Reinke, Antoinette Suiter and Jake Vogds. Three cruising bathrooms: one heterosexual, one queer and one pansexual, will also be provided and maintained for your pleasure.”


“Body Archive” – Foamcore, Resin, Ink, Animation Clay, Print Media – 40” X 30” X 5”